Red and Green Should Never Be Seen

Green Party deputy leader, Amelia Womack, told an audience at the University of Sheffield that the Green Party “do not believe in whips.”


Womack was joined by Sheffield Central Green candidate, Jillian Creasy, on National Voters Registration Day, to answer questions from some curious locals all wondering why they should vote Green in the up-coming general election.

When asked whether the Green would form a coalition with another party, in the likely event of a hung parliament, Womack answered: “we do not believe in whips”, going on to say “we would never give our confidence and supply to an austerity government.”

Rumours of parties joining forces to form another coalition government in this coming general election is a subject most of the public are curious about. Many have wondered whether the Green Party would form an alliance with major left wing party, Labour, but Womack’s comments have a certain similarity to the old code of colour co-ordination: red and green should never be seen.

The party were then asked how they would deal with austerity in this country. Creasy told the audience that the Green Party intend to “make effort to get tax back from people who have been avoiding it – the real scroungers!”

Towards the end of the event, the two speakers were asked about their concern for Liberal Democrats in the area, to which Creasy replied: “I have to confess, I am not bothered about the Lib Dems.”

If you are eager to feed your curiosity about the Green Party, or just want to show them your support, Natalie Bennett will be making a speech in St George’s Church, Sheffield, on Tuesday 17th February.

By Jonathan Pickles


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