There Is More To UKIP Than Euroscepticism

When it comes to the UK’s place in the EU, you’re either for it or you’re not. If you’re not, then you turn to UKIP; but there is more to the party than their irrational hatred for Romanians and eager desire to isolate the UK from the rest of Europe.

Why would you not trust this man? Image found at:
Why would you not trust this man?                   Image found at:

Yes, we already know Nigel Farage is a closet bigot with a phobia of immigration, but there are other UKIP policies which should be questioned but never are.

Behind the smokescreen of Euroscepticism lies some policies which could further alter the society we live in today. For starters, UKIP plan to abolish the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Well, why would UKIP want a department which, on their website, pledges to create “a fairer and more equal society”? The members of UKIP already have their own idea of ‘culture’, and the last thing they need is immigrants and the media contesting their values. Perhaps, instead of closing the department, they could just rename it the Department of Pork Pies and Real Ales. As for sport, we can only assume Farage and his cronies were always picked last in kick around.

As well as abolishing the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, UKIP plan to abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change, scrapping green subsidies and repealing the Climate Change Act 2008. Environmental issues are obviously trivial to this group of former bankers, who will not mind when them, and the rest of the UK, are riding canoes into work. Perhaps, with the money they would be saving, they could provide us all with free swimming lessons and scuba gear. Although, are we really surprised that UKIP are ridding of something which is such a massive burden on big businesses and corporations?

Probably the most worrying of their policies is, not only do they want to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights, but they also want to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998. But don’t fret, they are introducing the British Bill of Rights in its place. This will give the government the right to deport asylum seekers who steal a loaf of bread or light up a cigarette in a bus shelter. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, it will eventually give the law-abiding citizens of the UK the right to watch public hangings. But the Tories are also threatening the same plan; so it can’t be that backwards, surely?

But we must also notice the generosity of UKIP: they plan to give army veterans a Veterans’ Service Card, which will give them a fast-track service to mental health care. But don’t worry about everybody else with mental health issues, they will just get pushed to the back of the queue. I wonder if their service card will give them fast-track queueing perks at all Madame Tussauds theme parks as well?

If you wish to read their policies and form your own opinion, then they are freely available on their website.

By Jonathan Pickles


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