Labour Reclaim Stronghold in Barnsley Constituencies

Votes are counted at the Barnsley Metrodome. Michael Dugher pictured.
Votes are counted at the Barnsley Metrodome. Michael Dugher pictured

Dan Jarvis and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Michael Dugher, reclaimed their seats in Barnsley Central and Barnsley East, respectively, this morning.

Both candidates won with a landslide victory, each receiving substantial support from their constituency. Jarvis won with 20,376 votes (55.7%) and Dugher with 21,079 (54.7%).

But there was still a low turnout, with only 56.7% in Barnsley Central 55.7% in Barnsley East.

Michael Dugher said: “The people of Barnsley have survived a Conservative led government once before, battered and bruised but never beaten”.

“I will work everyday for the next five years for the thing i think the people of Barnsley desperately need and that is a Labour government”.

Yorkshire First candidate, Tony Devoy, was displeased with the outcome, attempting to speak after Michael Dugher and then storming out shouting: “Labour always wins here, nobody else ever gets a say”.

Following Ed Miliband’s resignation, Dan Jarvis has been tipped to be the next Labour leader. But when asked, early this morning, about it he said, evasively: “I’ve still got my fingers crossed and there are still lots of results to come in”.

By Jonathan Pickles


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