Peacehaven Speed Camera Catching Out More Drivers

A speed camera in Peacehaven has had a soaring increase in revenue over the course of three years.

Camera has been snapping more and more drivers
Camera has been snapping more and more drivers

Recent figures show that the speed camera that sits along the A259 as you enter into Peacehaven, westbound, has accumulated £51,345 in 2014 compared to a minimal £4,950 in 2011.

Figures have also shown there to be a sharp increase in the amount of drivers, in the area, choosing to take the Speed Awareness Course instead of pay the fine. £25,500 of the money gained from this camera was spent of Speed Awareness courses in 2013 and £30,345 in  2014, compared to only £340 in 2012 and £170 in 2011.

The speed camera was first put into operation in January 2005 after meeting the DfT installation criteria for speed cameras, which usually means there has been several speed related accidents in that area.

However, speed cameras are temporarily taken from their boxes from time to time. Phil Henty, partnership manager at Sussex Safer Roads, said: “Cameras are moved from housing to housing on a random basis. This, together with maintenance and, in some cases, damages from vandalism, means that the number of days per year that a live camera is installed in a particular housing can vary considerably”. He was unable to answer on the movements of the particular camera housing in Peacehaven.

According to the figures, more and more people are choosing to take the Speed Awareness Course, costing £85 in Sussex (compared to £100 for a speeding fine) and means you can avoid having any points put on your licence.

Henty said: “Generally the feedback from the Speed Awareness Course is very positive with those who leave a comment, indicating that, despite some scepticism prior to attending the course, they had found it useful and informative”.

The camera is still in operation and is one of only two along the A259 between Eastbourne and Brighton.

By Jonathan Pickles


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